Renovation of palaces and luxury hotels - AFFINE DESIGN

Renovation of palaces and luxury hotels

The majority of projects of AFFINE DESIGN concern the development of old hotels, inscribed, most often, in the historic heritage of a city, but these icons of hospitality lie dormant or have been damaged by sudden campaigns of brutal renovation.

The projects of AFFINE DESIGN concern, also, the transformation of prestigious buildings, palaces or residences, notoriously tied to the history of a place.

All the world’s cities conceal these architectural treasures, waiting to be put to use as palaces, which is why the approach of these objects is done in stages: it is necessary to first conduct a thorough analysis of the vestiges that survived the renovations. This first investigation is then supplemented by surveys, stratigraphy, and a detailed examination of the archives and history of the place.

This practice permits to initially restore the sumptuous character of the edifice, then to give birth to a new architectural framework that fits into its historical, geographical and social roots. It is from these fundamentals that a new contemporary history is scribed. It remains in harmony with the original building but essentially facing the present and its future, because it calls for implementing an operation of rebirth.