interior design of residences - AFFINE DESIGN

interior design of residences

AFFINE DESIGN works on private residence projects in a very limited fashion, and uniquely on very luxurious projects.

The approach to these subjects is made with the same concerns as for hotel projects, in furnishing the user and their family, their living spaces :

respecting the rules and confidential orders of the family, the society in which it has evolved, its traditions, its culture, its religion, its relationship to nature,

proposing decor, settings for gestures of intimate and private life, as well as reception venues for social or friendly activities.

The delimitation or the permeability of zones of private and social life is one of the fundamental givens of the project.

The character, the places of leisure and the mode of representation of family life is a second.

The style of interior decor is never predetermined.

The script is always timeless, often conceptual and contemporary, sometimes borrowing from the tradition of French decor or the local tradition of the region of the project.

AFFINE DESIGN pays special attention to the choice of materials, their durability, their effect on the environment, the details of their implementation, the light that reveals them.

Their implementation requires the careful intervention of artisans and creates a transcultural dialogue between traditional and innovative methods of implementation.