Feasibility studies in hospitality - AFFINE DESIGN

Feasibility studies in hospitality

Over the course of more than 450 projects including hotels, leisure facilities, conference and exhibition centres, worldwide, Richard Martinet and AFFINE DESIGN have acquired a specific understanding of hotel projects, and the capacity to realise, rapidly, very specific feasibility studies. These studies are based on the expertise gained over the course of the projects :

Mastery of specific data of hotel projects.
AFFINE DESIGN has recorded the principle data of completed projects, or similar projects in the field of hotel programming, by category and by nature of hotel : functionality and surfaces. The same procedure has been used concerning costs of implementation by region and by function of the structure of the projects.

Understanding of location-specific data.
AFFINE DESIGN has created a typology of hotel projects permitting them to rapidly achieve the integration and adaptation of a hotel program depending on the nature of the place. The technical parameters of projects have been recorded according to:
– Climate.
– Topography.
– Sun-exposure or orientation.
– General characteristics of the site.

In particular, the rules of urban planning and constructability in the cities where projects have been realised.
Generally, AFFINE DESIGN has acquired a real understanding of the sociological data and of the cultures of the regions of the world where projects have been developed, which allows it to also work on the finer approaches to the concept of luxury depending on places and culture.

It is in view of this experience that Richard Martinet and AFFINE DESIGN regularly act as consultants:

for numerous developers of real estate projects in France, Monaco, Europe, the United States, North Africa, the Middle East, Hong Kong and China,

for investment funds or private investors wishing to make investments in luxury hotels.