Architecture of palaces and luxury hotels - AFFINE DESIGN

Architecture of palaces and luxury hotels

AFFINE DESIGN have, since 1990, been involved very regularly with palace and high-luxury hotel projects, principally in the heart of cities; projects of creation, reutilisation or rehabilitation of iconic buildings.

Through their experiences in Paris, and also the major cities of the world, AFFINE DESIGN have acquired this fascination for that which is the essence of the palace :

The expression of a luxury without bounds for the living environment in the hotel.

The expression of extreme refinement for all the spaces, all the decors, all the objects that are proposed for the patronage of the visitor. Refinement that calls for, and sets the stage for, the refinement of the service offered to the visitors.

The expression of an architecture majestic and at the same time intimate, that confers to the palace :

Its status as private monument of the city.

Its character as a haven of protection and discretion.

The city and the palace are revisited, reinterpreted, often reinvented :

to offer to the visitor sumptuous places and scenes that will meet their highest expectations,

to preserve, ensure their privacy,

to provide them with the most modern equipment, with a technology very sophisticated but never evident.

To design and conceive a palace or luxury hotel is, for AFFINE DESIGN, the opportunity to bring to life some fundamental principles :

To create performance venues on which to stage the histories of hotels; contemporary new stories in addition to the past histories and legends.

To create contemporary exterior and interior designs which harmonise with the historical parts when they exist, which suggest them when have disappeared.

To be nourished by the outskirts, the climate, to participate in the projects of the development of a city, a neighbourhood or a place;

To propose a reoccupation or pertinent and inventive reinterpretation of a place or building.

To revisit the history, culture, traditions of the place, to pay attention to the differences of future users and anticipate they manner in which they will make use of the hotel.