The founders

AFFINE DESIGN is a multidisciplinary French agency directed by Richard Martinet, architect and civil engineer of the École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées.

Richard Martinet and Vincent Bayle have united, since the inception of AFFINE DESIGN, their experiences, skills, interests and very different characters. Their association is based on these differences, a strong complementarity and extreme complicity. It is on this principle of complementarity that AFFINE DESIGN has been created, followed later by the workshop AFFINE DESIGN, a place of exchange that welcomes professionals and artists whose expertise and talents contribute to the realization of high-luxury hotel projects globally. Immersing every personality, every talent in a united and diverse group, keeping the uniqueness of the person and adding the strength of the group; developing their passions in projects. Since the beginning of his work in architecture, Richard Martinet has revealed a passion for the subject of hotels, its diversity, its perpetual capacity to evolve and renew, but overall to be able to unite, in a project of total creation or renovation, the most diverse energies and professions. “I have set myself a rule to understand the functioning and constraints of all segments of the hotel industry, which has allowed me to discover, sometimes through improbable missions, the situations, both geographical and geopolitical, the societies and cultures of the countries where we have realised our projects.” Insatiable traveller, devotee of the arts of mise-en-scène, of dance, of contemporary theatre, lover of differences, he considers that creation is born of the radiance of places and people that inhabit them. To create is to capture and redirect this energy in the organized and methodical framework of a project. Vincent Bayle, architect, has always had a passion for study, for a reasoned approach to projects by methodical and precise design. After having begun his professional life by a career interrupted by long stays throughout the world, a kind of “companion tour” around the world, he found echoes of these multifaceted experiences in the diversity of hotel subjects. He directs project groups with high reliability. Fascinated by the transmission of his knowledge, he easily stirs the energy of young professionals, helps them to make their skill and talent blossom.