Shenzhen VIP Convention Centre

Inventing a Parisian building of the late nineteenth century in an urban context of twenty-first century Asia is an exercise that requires rigor and creativity.

The generating phases of the project consist of: – An analysis, general followed by fine, of the future environment of the building: geographical and topographical context, climatic and environmental data (vegetation, sunshine , soundscapes), nearby urban environment to determine the major traffic routes around the building and ensure consistency of style with neighbouring constructions – A thorough analysis, leading to a full understanding of the building codes and rules of architecture of the nineteenth century Paris; This phase is essential: these elements, integrated and put into perspective, become the basic tools of the creative process – A program-consistent implementation required in relation to the stylistic choice; indeed, the choice of an architecture of a precise era leads to a re-modelling of future spaces. The well planned conference centre integrates seamlessly in a heterogeneous urban environment, asserts its identity while interacting naturally with preserved outdoor spaces. The interior design of the project follows a similar methodology; the proposed interior spaces are a contemporary variation of Parisian hôtels particuliers of the nineteenth century, enabling a discreet integration of high-tech elements required for the future use of the building.

Nanjing – VIP Convention Centre
2016 - Nanjing - China
Architecture + Interior design
22 000 m²

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