Résidence La Falaise

The beauty of Dinard was apparent to us even from a site damaged by inappropriate constructions and without spirit. A project emerged : to provide a counterpoint to the disorder by creating a simple and highly evocative object. Invoking the phantoms of the large family mansion destroyed to develop the site. Redesigning within the founding steps of the place rather than contradicting it.
This resulted in a project simple and without arrogance : a variation of places to live in peace, revisited, reinterpreted in a soft architecture (fireside, skylight, roof, halls ... ). If the wood structures are traditional, the architectural figures are stylized, interpreted, far from any simple restitution ("revival").

Dinard Résidence La Falaise - Suite Hotel
2006 - Dinard - France
Architecture + interior design
5000 m² - 67 keys

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