Abbaye de Penthemont

A former convent of Augustinian nuns, the purpose of the building has been, from its very inception, that of accommodation.
The project consists of rediscovering the richness and fluidity of the building’s original plan, conceived by Contant d'Ivry in the 18th century, while responding to the requirements of a 5 star hotel in terms of comfort and functionality.
That is to say: to recover the abbatial structural flow of the ground floor in order to revive the character of the body of the main building, to create a harmonious dialogue between the principal building and those of the 19th century barracks, and to provide, for the operator, a historical Parisian building both unique and surpassing international hotel standards.

L’abbaye de Penthemont - 5 star hotel
2014 - Paris - France
Architecture – Feasibility study
12 400 m² - 87 keys

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