Richard MARTINETArchitect - Founder


Certified architect, civil engineer of the École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, traveller, explorer, storyteller, constantly in search of the hidden dimension of places.

Each project is an opportunity to confront a building, a city, a site. Each project is a complete tour, an interpretation of the place, a contemporary rewriting of the elements of architecture and style. Each place produces a series of histories, always different, this is the uniqueness and richness of the subject of luxury hotels.

Capturing the living force of the place. This is an exercise which often implements the work of specialists, historians, analysts, artisans. From this work , Richard Martinet acquires a creative energy that determines the concept, the path and the stages of the transformation, whether a pure creation, a renovation, a rehabilitation or a reutilisation.

To meet the energy of the AFFINE DESIGN teams, unite their strengths, convey to them his vision of the project, create enthusiasm, nurture passion and maintain and generate the movement of the project towards its realisation.

To explain the choices of a project to its principals, to convince, to create, also, a real commitment to the project, mark out its progress.

To be present for the implementation during the construction and development phases, explaining all the details, making them understandable, ensuring that they are carried out in accordance with the design. To convince, but also share, and to enrich oneself with the knowledge of the artisans and other specialists involved in the project.