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AFFINE DESIGN is an architecture and interior design agency specializing in the creation and renovation of palaces and luxury hotels worldwide.

Hotels are places to be experienced rather than inhabited.

Take your time and you may gradually perceive the whispers of anecdotes, stories and legends that once gave them life, from antechambers to vestibules, through galleries and corridors. Those are scenic spaces, for a moment, a fragment of life, a glimpse of dream. This is that human theatricality, with its imaginary part, that subtle blend of existence and fiction, which is our material… a material we transform with respect and passion to host other scenes, other lives.

Yatch Avantage

Yatch Avantage

Interior design of a 93m long Yatch designed by Banneberg&Rowel and constructed by Lurssen. A contemporary project with formal reception spaces and informal yet elegant living quarters.

Our approach

The palace expresses, through its morphology, its spatial organization, its place in the city or in the environment, the style of its decor and its construction materials, all the aspects of the period of history of society, contemporary to its realization.
AFFINE DESIGN proposes an approach to each project through a methodology and an organization that allow to understand, to treat and to sublimate, into a new chapter, all the facets, in all their details, the multiform nature of the palaces.

Hôtel de Crillon

Hôtel de Crillon

Part of the place de la Concorde (Gabriel 1772), the building was converted into a hotel in 1908. It had subsequently lost its unity and character.

Our specialties

The three main families of specialty of AFFINE DESIGN are sequenced in a global project.
Feasibility studies, the work of architecture and interior design, mutually complement, interleave and come together to construct, in iterative sequences of studies, a hotel project both total and coherent, from it most general aspects to the smallest of its details.
Controlling all phases of the project and of its implementation ensures a seamless continuity of the architectural score, and therefore a natural and intuitive legibility for the visitor.

Hôtel de Paris

Hôtel de Paris, Monaco

This global project of restoration - architecture and interior design - is based on the fundamental elements of the identity of the place to create a contemporary timeless palace.